Schuberth S2 Motorcycle Helmets

Schuberth S2

The Schuberth S2 is simply loaded with technology. Everything from the foam layers used in the cheek pads and liner to the EPS, air channels, venting system and the special spoiler around the bottom of the helmet are designed for performance, safety and to make the helmet as quiet as possible.
Also, the EPS liner has a built-in antenna, illustrated in the photo below. The antenna will connect the Schuberth Bluetooth SRC system which is also used for the Schuberth C3 giving excellent reception for radio and bluetooth connectivity.

Schuberth S2 Motorcycle Helmet - More Info and colour options!
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Schuberth S2 Features Overview

•  2 shell sizes: for optimum fitting - low weight - compact
•  FBR composite shell: Strong - light - rigid
•  Visor: 2 sizes + pinlock included, quick release (same as C3)
•  Vents: Top vent, Double intake, optimized exhaust at rear, chinvent, rear ventilation
•  Rear Head Spoiler: Better airflow, extra downforce, stability, aggressive style
•  Spoiler in bottom trim: On front and rear for downforce and looks
•  Lining: Thermo Cool, Coolmax, new design, new foams and padding. New construction, fully removable. Soft and comfortable perfect fit!
•  New Neckband:Improvement over S1, very good closure, quiet, more reflective
•  Quick release buckle: Micro lock system
•  Removable wind cuff: For extra ventilation and protection from noise
•  New internal sunvisor: material and shape
•  Cheekpads now even easier to change
•  Removable chin strap covers
•  Chin strap length adjustable on both sides
•  Removable top vent cover
•  Tabulators on visor to prevent whistling noise when visor is open
•  O2 ventilation in chinvent (slots)
•  Visor locking inside
•  A.R.O.S. (Anti-roll off system)
•  Only 85dBa
•  Extremely low drag and lift
•  World's only helmet with integrated dual antenna for FM amd Bluetooth reception built into EPS for compatibility with SRCS2
•  Optional extra - Improved SRCS2 Bluetooth intercom system with improved range and speakers.


High performance aerodynamics
The Schuberth S2 is designed for the sport touring rider and remains stable in air flow. The special shape of the helmet shell provides significantly improved end edge contact pressure. Even at higher speeds, the Schuberth S2 develops virtually no lift. In addition, the S2, due to decreased air resistance and optimum directional stability buffeting is minimized.
• Perfected aerodynamics
• Buoyancy = 0!
• Directionally stable
• Spherical Neutral
• No buffeting

Aeroacoustics of the Schuberth S2

A quiet helmet means concentrated driving especially at higher speeds.  Many hours in the Schuberth wind tunnel combined with an optimized acoustic shell, wind deflector and ergonomic designhave made the Schuberth S2 one of the quietest helmets on the market with 85 dBA at 100km/h.

The Schuberth S2 is equipped with an innovative ventilation system. The combination of multi-channels in the EPS foam shell and head-chin-mouth allow effective distribution of fresh air over the entire head area.
 • Chin ventilation
 • Skeletal interior
 • Visor ventilation
 • Adjustable head ventilation
 • Active ventilation system
 • EPS liner with air segments

SRC-System™ Ready

Totally unique to the Schuberth S2 is there are 2 Antennas embedded in the shell to boost Radio and Bluetooth reception when used with the Schuberth SRC System, this will lead to one of the highest performing Bluetooth systems on the market.
Note: Helmet supplied with a Clear Visor, Race visors will be available as a optional extra and are for off road use only

Schuberth Mobility Program

All Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets purchased from Just Helmets are eligible for the Schuberth Mobility Program (subject to terms and conditions set out by Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets), meaning that if you should damage your Schuberth Helmet in an accident within 3 years of purchase, then you can get a replacement Schuberth Helmet for 1/3 of the price.